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The Alumni Program is a direct continuation of the annual Mentoring Program and was developed with the belief that our participants should continue to be accompanied at additional stages in their lives.

The Alumni Program is designed to enable graduates of the annual Mentoring Program to continue and develop the tools they acquired during the first mentoring year, to take them one step further, and to provide them with tools for their adult lives.

The program will allow participants to meet other graduates from across the country, to enjoy more in-depth enriching content, and to focus on practical experience through the PBL (project-based learning) approach.

The program includes:
• Alumni groups in centers around the country (Rehovot, Jerusalem, and Bat Yam)

• Group meetings once a month

• Personal mentoring sessions

• A national Hackaton

• Planning, production, and execution of a personal project

In the 2020 school year, about 30 girls from around the country participated in the program.

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