Executive Team


Sagit Shor

Director of Flower of the Jerusalem District

As part of her activities as a member of the Board and as a person who accompanies the program from its first day, Mrs. Shur helps with the educational aspects of the program and accompanies the mentoring. Ms. Shor brings to the organization its experience, accompanied by educational initiatives from the beginning stage, providing an organized framework for joint work in general and with the Perach organization in particular. She is aware of the morals that are lost in the educational way and knows how to help organize the thought and the educational process in order to bring about the success of the program


"There will be no triumph of light over darkness as long as we do not insist on the simple truth that instead of fighting in the dark, we must increase the light" UD Gordon

Meirav Tal Arazi

Founder and owner of the branding company TAVC

As a member of the Board, Ms. Tal-Arazi assists in managing the media, marketing and public relations of the organization. Meirav brings a wealth of experience in leading strategic processes in leading technology companies and start-ups, helping to direct and accurate the marketing messages of these companies and translating them into a creative concept and a language of brand characteristics and accompanying them in all the relevant interfaces with the target audience.


"Creative thinking is a significant key to early girls Who have to believe in themselves and tell it further "

Ofra Esh

Head of the Marketing and Communications Division of the Hebrew University

As part of her activities as a member of the Board of Directors, Ms. Ash assists in marketing, public relations, and in building bat mitzvah programs.

Mrs. Ash brings with her a great deal of experience in marketing and public relations and understanding the importance of content worlds that can help promote the organization and its value messages.

Ofra is an MBA graduate from the Hebrew University's School of Business Administration.


"At the heart of the difficulty is the opportunity" - Albert Einstein

Neta ness

Chairman of the Executive Committee


As part of her activities as Chairperson of the Executive Committee, Mrs. Ness assists in leading the meetings of the Board, and in the strategy and accompaniment of the growth and expansion programs of the Equal Society. Mrs. Ness brings diverse and international experience to management, entrepreneurship and accompaniment of organizations, companies and influential personalities. She is the founder of Chance Management and serves as vice president of technology company TeraGroup.


"Managing prospects is the obligation to make your prospects a reality"

Orna Pilz

Rabbah, writer and group facilitator

As a member of the Board, Mrs. Pilz brings rich knowledge of the world of girls' content. As a rabbi, she concentrates on finding and connecting Israeli girls and women to Jewish tradition. Mrs. Pilz is an esteemed figure who initiated mother-daughter and bat mitzvah meetings, guided offerings in the field, and held seminars on Bat Mitzvah in Israel. Among her books: "You and Me, Mother and Bat Mitzvah" (published by Kinneret), and the children's book "Miriam, Tell Me You" (published by Kinneret) is in the process of writing her book "Genesis Child".


"My ambition is to bring the women and girls back to the big story"

Ran Milon

Director of content at the Zalman Shazar Center for the Study of the History of the Jewish People

As part of his activities in the organization's committee, Ran assists in content thinking and project planning based on his experience in content positions in a variety of organizations in the field of Jewish culture and informal education.


"The Unbelievable Just Sleeps" / Israel Eliraz

Einat Weissburt

CEO and founder of Derech Aisha

As part of her activities as a member of the Board of Directors, Ms. Weissburt assists in the contents of the workshops and in collaborations with academic, public, governmental and business organizations that lead gender mainstreaming in their organization. She brings with her extensive experience in promoting women and girls. "Way of Woman" is one of the leading companies in the field of gender and promotion of women in organizations and has experience working with public companies, social, security, education systems academia from industry and high-tech. Mrs. Wiesbrot has led numerous and varied projects to instill gender change change processes that are consistent with the organization's goals and objectives.


"Leadership belongs to those who take it" Cheryl Sandberg

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