Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you operate?

During the academic year 2018-2019, the mentoring program operates in 3 main cities; Jerusalem, Rehovot and Bat-Yam. Our workshops take place across Israel on demand. You can find more details about the Bat-Mitzva workshops here.


Who is the program for?

The mentoring program is an after-school program designed for girls in the 6th and 7th grades and takes place at the schools. The workshops are typically for pairs of a parent and their daughters between the ages of 11-13.


What is the duration of each program?

The mentoring program is based on the school year calendar, it starts just after the holidays and runs until the end of the academic year (October - June).

The workshops consist of four - three hour sessions, scheduled based on the group's needs and schedule, therefore they can be booked at any time although the year.


My daughter is in the age range of your activities! Can we open a group at her school?​

The mentoring program operates currently in schools in Jerusalem, Rehovot and Bat-Yam. During the summer time, while school are not in session, we consult and decide together with the municipalities in each city which schools can host and are able to operate our program.

If your daughter's school does not have a program already in her school and it is important for you that she will enjoy our programs - we would encourage you to organize a group of a few friends and offer you our workshop. ​


I would like to make a donation to your organization, how can I do that?

We are very pleased that you connect to our mission and vision and would like to donate to our operation. 

You can place a donation to our non-profit organization either through our donation page or by a bank transfer to “Shavot” Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal (14) branch: 369, account number 144325


I want to be a counselor in your organization! How do I go about that?

The application process for our mentoring program starts from the end of August up to the start of the academic year, at the latest. Follow us on Facebook for updates here

Missed this year’s application? No worries, you can always try next year!

Who can be a counselor in our mentoring program?

Counselors in our mentoring program are university students that receive a scholarship for their volunteering hours. Therefore, only students who are recognized by the Council for Higher Education can be counselors in our organization.

I am not a student, can I still take part in the organization activities?

Not a student? There is still so much you can do to volunteer with us!

Very often we organize projects where we would need volunteers and additional help. We invite you to join the Shavot community of Facebook, where we post jobs / scholarships / volunteer opportunities and relevant content. Visit us here .


​I am already a counselor in another program (Perach), can I receive an additional scholarship?

The answer to that may vary. Not in all the cities we operate the scholarships is given through Perach and therefore an additional scholarship can be accepted. Usually, certain programs may not approve double-scholarships, yet there are outstandings. We advise you to consult with the relevant professionals in the city and program you volunteer in for further information.​

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