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Our Mentoring Program combines group activities and personal mentoring. It operates throughout the school year for students in the 6th and 7th grades.

The goal of the program is to expose girls to female role models and equip them with tools that will enable them to reach their full potential, and in the long term – minimizing gender equality.

Every week, a group of eight girls meets their counselors, two university students from our team. At first, the girls participate in a group activity, and afterward, each girl attends a one-on-one personal mentoring session. The program consists of five main sets of activities: introduction, planning ahead and setting goals, self-presentation and public speaking, decision-making and coping with stressful situations, and finally – entrepreneurship, breaking boundaries.  

The participants receive and practice a wide range of practical tools, while learning about inspirational women in history. The activities are engaging and entertaining; they include fun tasks, games and video clips. Throughout this time, the girls also receive personal mentorship that allows each girl to practice techniques learned during the group activity and the one-on-one session with their counselor.

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Unforgettable workshop for parent & daughter

An opportunity to Discover each other, Aspire higher than before, and get practical tools to Achive your aspirations

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