Shavot workshop

A journey for mothers and daughters

In the Bat Mitzvah year.

רוצה שנבוא להתארח אצלכן?

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The age of twelve is an opportunity to strengthen the parent-daughter bond around adolescence, allowing to shape one's personality and future aspirations.


The Bat-Mitzvah workshop will give you a chance for a special quality time. Together we will learn practical tools for self-fulfillment and self-development, discuss role models, and meet important inspirational female figures, from the past and present.

This immersive experience is fun and enjoyable for all and include fun tasks, games and video clips.





What do we do together?


  • Getting to know one another from different points of view

  • Discover together with our strengths

  • Open our hearts and forming a bond


  • How to plan forward, dream and aspire

  • Create a personal vision board

  • Receive tools for communicating effectively


  • Practice practical tools in decision-making

  • Aspire higher through an experiential master-chef activity

  • Learn the principles of the best ways to planning and feedback



  • Learn all about public speaking

  • Learn how to make and produce a video together for each participant

  • Key takeaways and conclusions - and off we go!

Who is it for?

Each workshop consists of 6-8 pairs of mothers/fathers and their daughters, between the ages of 11-13. Locations for the workshop can be adjusted based on your needs, we can come to you or you can come to us! 

*a discount will be offered for the hosting participant


What does the workshop include?

  • 4 sessions of 3 hours

  • 2 facilitators from our team

  • A gift from our time together for you and your daughter

  • Light meal

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מנחת הורים, מרצה, מאמנת אישית ומטפלת NLP

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ייעוץ משפחתי, הדרכת הורים וייעוץ זוגי

האני המאמין שלי - "תקשורת מגשרת בין רגשות"

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יועצת ארגונית ואסטרטגית - מובילה תהליכי טרנספורמציה ושינוי בארגונים ומנחת סדנאות DESIGN THINKING

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יועצת חינוכית, מנחת הורים ומרצה

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אישה ואמא, אמא ואישה, יזמית מנהלת קהילה ומנטורית למימוש והגשמה עצמית

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