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The Shavot organization was established in order to enable girls to strengthen their sense of self-worth and to provide them with tools that will enable them to fulfill their aspirations.


The organization runs several nationwide programs which help girls develop positive self-esteem and believe in themselves in the long run. This process is being achieved through meaningful experiences combining elements of goal-setting, self-feedback, and learning about inspirational women. 


With Shavot, participants discover new strengths, aspire to reach for higher goals, and achieve them.

Shavot theory of change


We believe gender equality starts from the bottom – from the girls themselves. During adolescence, girls’ self-esteem drops by 30%. While boys describe themselves as “adventurous” and “fearless”, girls choose words such as “shy” and “worried” (Katty Kay and Claire Shipman). 


A research done by Licht and Dweck from Stanford University showed that teenage girls tend to blame themselves when encountering failure, while boys generally blame external circumstances. This self-accusation causes girls to underestimate themselves and avoid tasks in which they may not succeed. Consequently, many young girls prevent themselves from realizing their full potential at different stages of their lives, while the gender inequality in society is maintained and even grow – the wage gap, misrepresentation of women in politics and senior positions in businesses, violence towards women and their exclusion from the public sphere.

But these tendencies can be changed – and we need to change them!



"רות ציפתה בקוצר רוח ממפגש למפגש. נהנתה גם מההכנות למפגשים וחזרה עם חוויות נהדרות. שיתפה אותנו בדיונים מרתקים. התחושה הייתה שבעקבות המפגשים היא מתחזקת רגשית ומאמינה בעצמה ובכוחות שלה"

— שקמה, אמא של רות

הסדנא של שוות נתנה לי הכרות נשים חזקות ומשפיעות ולימדה אותי איך להיות אחת כזו. הפעילויות היו כיפיות מאוד. 

— רות, בת 12

Our affiliates 


Our affiliates 

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